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Launch of New Ambassador Role for Advocates of Anxiety tracking

We are proud to launch the new role of Earkick Ambassador for passionate wellness warriors in the US who want to help tackle anxiety at scale and give their silent friends a way to outsmart mental health challenges.

This month we are focusing on our Earkick community. We will introduce you to our First Earkick Ambassador Kat Zara tomorrow and share testimonials from our Earkickers who are improving their daily lives with the Earkick anxiety tracker.

Biz Card (back)
Official Ambassador Biz Card (front)

Why do we need Earkick Ambassadors? 

Because we want to invite more people to unlock their full potential, master their anxiety and manage panic attacks in a free and effortless way. 

Group of diverse friends looking at their stats of the Earkick anxiety tracker

Who Can Become an Ambassador? 

If you:  

We definitely think you are a fit! Get in touch with us

How Do We Collaborate? 

Once selected, you will: 

We connect with our Ambassadors on social media, at events, through co-writing articles and blogs and reaching out to our communities. This means the more exposure you help provide, the more exposure you will get for yourself!

Eager to become an official Earkick Ambassador and start doing good while doing well? 

Get in touch with us or share this post with your friends, so they can benefit from the opportunity.

Screenshots of the Earkick anxiety tracker with the different features

What’s the benefit to Earkick users? 

Our Earkick Ambassadors inspire others to build self-confidence, address anxiety and radiate positivity! We developed the Earkick app for the service of others, in order to combat the challenges of anxiety to people’s daily functioning. We provide a free, accessible, safe place for everyone to track mood, thoughts and feelings, where everyone’s data is protected, never shared and never sold out to anyone.

Become part of the mission as an official Earkick Ambassador by getting in touch here or sharing this great opportunity with your friends and family.

Earkick is your mental health sidekick. We are making mental health measurable for everyone. It’s time to track your mental health just like we do with steps, nutrition, sleep and exercise!

We look forward to introducing you to Kat tomorrow!

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