How To Promote Workplace Mental Health In The Healthcare Industry

3 thoughts on “How To Promote Workplace Mental Health In The Healthcare Industry”

  1. I am unconvinced that digital wellness programs will have any impact. A hospital could set up a yoga class, but would you want to go to a yoga class after working your 5th 12-hour shift of the week?

    If healthcare workers are the canaries in the coalmine, then you need to make the canaries more resilient and the coalmine less toxic.

    1. Totally get you. Toxic workplaces can’t yoga or meditated their way out of being toxic and making employees sick. Our intention was to encourage health care workers to have a discussion about what would be of benefit to them within the given circumstances. In our community we have quite a number of users that can’t change their unfavorable workplace circumstances, but using Earkick helps them not to feel so powerless. They can visualize their emotional health, they learn to breathe through incredibly stressful situations, they know they’re not alone in their struggle and they’re empowered to put data/evidence to their demands for a change. Many use the data to discuss with their therapist, relatives or even with a (good) manager to make them understand the struggle or try to take data-driven decisions. Our enterprise solutions helps companies see where they need to (and can) improve.
      But again, you are right: We need all hands on deck to work towards making the canaries more resilient (or ready to fly away) and the coalmine less toxic.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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