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Tired Of Tired? How To Sleep Like A Cat 🐈

Peaceful Orange Red Tabby Male Kitten Ginger Cat Curled Up Sleeping In Home.

Have you ever watched your cat sleep like an innocent little angel and wished you could do the same? Your cat spends about 60% of its life enjoying everything from refreshing cat naps and light dozing to stretches of deep sleep. And it does so in countless adorable insta-ready positions, always looking like it’s floating on cloud nine.

We, on the other hand, often find ourselves tossing and turning sleeplessly in bed. Why can’t we just doze off, even when we feel exhausted?

How can we be wired AND tired?

If that is you:

You’re Not Alone 😅

Sleep problems are pervasive and the causes range from crazy work schedules, a 24/7 lifestyle, relationship issues to mental and medical conditions. In America, 70% of adults report that they obtain insufficient sleep at least one night per month, and 11% report insufficient sleep every night – and that was a decade before COVID19 hit. Sleep-related problems don’t discriminate between gender, ages or socioeconomic classes, and we may feel less alone knowing that up to 70 million Americans share our fate. The reason why we should pay close attention to our sleep is a vicious cycle we do not want to be caught in: poor sleep may lead to anxiety and depression, just as anxiety and depression may lead to poor sleep. 

👉🏼 👉🏼 So let’s skip to the good part and check out best practices for breaking the tired-of-tired-spell!

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Pick Your Friends For Victory ✌🏽

Think of the following actions as being your friend or being your enemies when it comes to better sleep.

To start with, pick one friend you want on your team and kick one enemy out of your life. Go for the ones that look easily doable first. Stick with it for at least one week before adding more actions. Improvement might be very incremental, therefore it is best to keep track of your progress. The simplest way is to download the free Earkick app, define the actions and set the reminders. You’ll get your stats starting from your third entry and you’ll be able to see what works best for you.

Your Friends 😇Your Enemies 😈
Keeping bedtime and wake time consistent from
day to day, even on weekends
Stay on the phone or other devices before and during bedtime
Writing down tasks and plans to clear your mind
for the night
Long or frequent naps
Journaling to express thoughts and feelings and stop rumination before bedtimeCaffeine after noon or more than 2
cups of coffee per day
Staying active with regular, light exerciseSmoking
Calming breathing exercisesAlcohol before bedtime
Using calming nature sounds and musicLarge meals before bedtime
Reading a good bookWatch series before bedtime
Taking a warm bath or showerWorking until right before bedtime
Listening to a guided session or sleep storyHaving upsetting calls before sleep
Drinking herbal tea (valerian, kava root,
chamomile, peppermint, ashwagandha)
Not drinking enough water
Checking your medicationsPutting up with pain
Fully darkened and cooled bedroomClutter on and around the bed
Diffusers with chamomile or lavender scentsStuffy air in the bedroom
Using earplugs and sleep maskNoise pollution and blue lights
Mindfulness for 10 minutes (meditation, yoga,
prayer, progressive muscle relaxation)
People or things that you dislike in your bedroom
Drinking warm milk before sleepPopping sleeping pills without a proper plan
Table 1: Friends and enemies of good sleep

The Benefits Of Good Sleep – All Yours! 🤩

Screenshots of the Earkick mood & anxiety tracker showing stats about sleep, mood, etc..

Getting better sleep will cut down on grogginess, irritability, mood swings and avoidable mischiefs. Well rested you’ll see your ability to concentrate and memorize improve. And the best: You will have more leisure to cuddle your cat. Go for it!

Young red-haired woman sleeping happily next to her cat

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