Breathe In, Feel Better: A Daily Workplace Exercise

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work? You’re not alone. The demands of a busy workday can take a toll on our mental and physical well-being, but there’s a simple solution that can help. One simple breathing exercise, done for just a few minutes, can increase your mental readiness and productivity at work. By reducing stress, increasing oxygen flow to the brain, and boosting your mood, a simple breathing exercise can help you turn the tide of a busy workday. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of breathing exercises at work, when to do them for the greatest effect, and a simple technique to get started. Continue reading Breathe In, Feel Better: A Daily Workplace Exercise

Outsmart Burnout

And live life to the fullest! With 75% of the US workforce reporting symptoms of burnout and the incurred cost of lost productivity at a staggering 500 billion per year, it’s time to dig deeper into the topic with a true expert: Dr. Erica Simon  Erica is a clinical psychologist, healthcare consultant, speaker and tech … Continue reading Outsmart Burnout