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Singer, Writer and Mental Health Advocate Becomes the First Earkick Ambassador!

Katrina “Kat” Zara (she/they) is a 21 year old mental health and disability rights advocate from California. A passionate singer, writer,  and creator, she loves to empower others. Her work is focused on finding connection, healing, body image, introspection and fully living in your truth.

With a successful degree in psychology from the University of California, Davis in her bag, she’s  headed towards becoming a counseling psychologist for children and families, as well as a mental health freelance writer. 

Kat was selected to the Earkick Ambassador Program and in the below video she shares her mental health story, her motivation and how she practices self-care.

Kat’s Own Mental Health Story 

The First Earkick Ambassador Kat Zara shares her story in a video interview

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On A Mission To Help, Inspire And Heal

All in all, Kat aims to be of service in mental health care by laying its foundations through a well developed and thoughtfully integrated multicultural framework. She finds great purpose in amplifying positive change and personal development, whether that be for the individualized self, or of larger communities. 

Kat believes in a world ‘where all is kind’. Currently on a mission in New Zealand, she is sharing her experiences of kindness and healing in communities .

Essentially, her work is to help, to inspire, and to heal.

If you’d like to join the Earkick Ambassador Program, reach out to us!

Young students 16-30 qualifying for the Earkick Ambassador Program

Kat On Why She Became An Earkick Ambassador:

“In a world where acts of hate are prevalent, how important is self-care? How do you nourish becoming a safe space for yourself? What steps do you take to show kindness for yourself, so that you may further spread it to others? 💫

“These are the questions I delve into with my latest blog post. Along with an introductory update of insights on my New Zealand international internship experiences so far, I am so excited to finally feature my newest role as the very FIRST Earkick Ambassador! 💯

“I am incredibly grateful for having this opportunity to proactively spread kindness, provide increased mental health accessibility for all, and help others become safe spaces for their own selves to fully live. 💜

“Earkick is your mental health sidekick as the world’s first mood and anxiety tracker, builder of healthy habits, and tool for powerful breathing exercises.

“If you are interested in learning more about this effective self-care app, please give my latest blog post a full read with the link in my bio. There, you may download it with my respective referral link (also shown below)! It’s anonymous and free forever. 🥳🫶

“And as always, ending much love and light for all. 🤍🌟

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Get connected with Kat:

Here is Kat’s Earkick Business Card – old school with a difference!

Kat showing her Earkick Ambassador business card

“In addition to being a mental health advocate, I want to be known as a blogger, writer, and singer-songwriter that hopes to inspire healthy self-expression and the beauty of authenticity. I hope that sharing my thoughts, emotions, and insights from my internal world through the art of music and writing will support youth audiences towards the journey back to their own true selves. I also love reading and writing poetry and journaling, and listening to music. Hence, I would like to be known as a force that creates positive, tangible impact for communities and individuals alike, with prioritized goals of increased accessibility for mental health resources and therapy as a universal service. 

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