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Healthy Habits: Done Is Better Than Perfect! ✅

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The Power Of Habits 💪🏽

We all have them – habits. Good and bad ones, some that we’re not even aware of, some that we could do without and some that we really want to create. Habits are key to achieving our goals in life: Regular practice and dedicated time is what allows us to grow and push our limits further.

👉🏼 Meet Clo, a UX researcher turned certified digital wellbeing coach. Across her work, she’s witnessed the impact of our digital tools on productivity, healthy boundaries, and mental health.

As the founder of This Too Shall Grow she publishes a newsletter called Digital Wellness, packed with articles, tips, and science-based advice to build a better relationship with our devices.

Check out the video interview below to learn all about habits and how the Earkick app can help you succeed!

UX researcher turned Digital Wellness Coach Clo shares best practises around habit creation

What exactly are habits? 🧠

Habits are unconscious behaviors we rely on for our everyday life. If we had to consciously decide all the actions we perform each day, we’d lose a lot of energy and time making up our mind: At what time do I go to the gym? What’s my commute to work? What do I eat for breakfast, etc. 

Habits can be built more or less intentionally by repeating something over time until the behavior becomes a default action. Checking your phone every 10 minutes might be default but not intentional, but learning a new language by going to in-person lessons 3 times a week is very intentional.

How Can You Build Healthy Habits Easily? 🤩

How To Avoid Running Into Common Pitfalls: 😅

How Can Our Environment Be Leveraged? 💡

Why Habits Matter For Workplace Mental Health 📈

Strong habits and clear boundaries keep employees physically and mentally healthy

What New Habit Are You Eager To Build? 🙌🏽

Clo’s goal for example is learning to wake up early. She realized that she prefers doing focused work and going to the gym in the morning. So she decided to give herself “more morning” by getting up earlier.

If you are building a new habit, please share it with us – we’d love to root for you!

How To Get In Touch With Clo:

Twitter Clo: @clo__s

Twitter This Too Shall Grow: @this2shallgrow

LinkedIn Clo: @Clo S

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Clo’s Coaching Page

Certified Digital Wellness Coach Clo is happy to connect!
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