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From Vision To Company: Earkick’s 1. Year On The Way To Becoming The Leading Mood & Anxiety Tracker.

At Earkick we’re after a big vision: Empowering everybody to measure and improve mental health. Our extensive research suggests that continuous, effortless measurement is the best way to catch early signs of mental health issues. Data-driven mental health tracking via vocal and physiological biomarkers will allow everybody to stay in control of their mental health – in real time! 

To bring our vision to life, we raised our $1.1M pre-seed round and hired a powerful team, backed by amazing investors and advisors.


Headshots Of The Core Team And The Advisors At Earkick

When it comes to our team, we don’t make any compromises; we only hire the best in the field. Attracting and retaining top notch talent is tough. That’s why we successfully positioned ourselves on the far end of the flexible work, offering ample benefits as featured in The New Stack. Combined our current team members visited top universities such as MIT, CMU and ETH. Moreover, we are all experienced professionals from companies such as Apple, Google, SpaceX, Snap, Sennheiser, Magic Leap. We’ve created computer vision technology that is flying to Mars, built apps that are used by millions of users and sold companies to multinational corporations.

We’re proud to work with:

Product: Top Rated Anxiety Tracker App

Three Screenshots of The Earkick Mood and Anxiety Tracker App

In order to collect and analyze the largest existing data-pool around mood and anxiety, we first launched an end-user product, a privacy-first app that is highly rated on the app store and was featured by Apple from the start. The Earkick mood and anxiety tracker is available for free on the app store download it and share it with your friends.

Fantastic Reviews of Happy Earkick Users

Workplace Mental Health

In addition, we built a fun and engaging way for companies to assess team mental readiness in a super easy way. Check out how it works!

Video Tutorial About How To Assess Team Mental Readiness In Less Than 5 Minutes
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