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Domestic Abuse Advocate Lauren: How to Inspire Hope

Hope. A powerful word. Marking a state of being. A dream of a better life.

Inspiring hope in our community is precisely our mission at Earkick. We co-founders and the whole Earkick Team are passionate about developing the app to improve mental health through journaling, breathwork and creating mindful moments.

Today we are sharing a sensitive topic about domestic abuse. We would like to signpost that this may raise challenging issues so please be aware of this as we share an interview with our second Earkick brand ambassador, Lauren Mitchell.

Lauren (she/her/hers) speaks to Karin about her advocacy for domestic abuse survivors and how she aims to inspire hope for those suffering.

The fascinating full interview is available on YouTube here:

Lauren is dedicated to self-care and has a diverse range of interests from astrology to art, and poetry. To deal with all the issues she feels with ADHD, depression, anxiety and childhood abuse, she expresses herself creatively, making her voice heard in an authentic and deeply vulnerable way. We find it so powerful that she speaks up and shares her story, her good and bad moments. People relate to her. That’s how she inspires hope.

Growing Up In An Abusive Household

Lauren experienced beatings, deep neglect and the suffocation of her needs. As she did not know a different life, to her it was normal that people who said they loved her would still hurt her. This led to her ending up in abusive relationships without seeing the pattern. What’s worse: She’d get blamed for not seeing through it. That’s why she’s raising her voice and sharing her experiences, so that others who have gone through similar stories can understand that they are still worthy of love and acceptance. 

Successful Coping Mechanisms

Lauren found a way to seclude her home life from everything else, creating moments outside of family where she could be her real self. She found solace in the company of friends, in creative writing, drawing, video games and socializing.

Group of friends hanging out with each other outside

Luckily there would be mentor figures who’d see her potential and proactively lend her a helping hand such as attentive guidance counselors or co-workers. Today it’s Lauren’s turn to reach out when she spots victims of domestic abuse. She knows first hand what it means to struggle with anger and the feeling of always being on edge.

What Lauren Wished She Had Known Growing Up:

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Inspiring Hope In Victims Of Domestic Abuse 

Lauren is convinced that people have the power to love themselves: “If I can love myself, other people can love me too.” Rather than exhausting ourselves trying to be perfect, we can put our focus towards self-acceptance, regardless of all our flaws. 

Lauren believes in inspiring hope, because she has hope in herself and it has carried her a long way. Feel free to get in touch with her via email or follow her on socials.





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The views expressed by our Earkick Ambassadors are not necessarily representative of those of Earkick. At Earkick we aim to represent a broad range of voices whilst not reflecting our own for the benefit of our community’s learning.

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